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Early Out Services

Helping in the early stages.

Early Out is designed to handle non-delinquent accounts in the earliest stages of collections.  A TSA professional acts as representative of our client and sets up payment arrangements based on pre-established client guidelines.  Early Out services can also assist in scheduling, insurance follow-up and reminders.  Think of this as an extension of your business office.

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Early Out Services

Our Early Out Services are professional collection programs that focus on providing your customers with the respect they deserve, coupled with excellent customer service. Using industry best practices, we take extra care to ensure our programs are federal, state, and local regulation compliant. 

Payment Monitoring

Payment Monitoring acts as a follow-up on existing payment arrangements.  TSA monitors accounts on your behalf and works to keep them in a non-delinquent status through scheduled calls and letters.

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Memberships & Accreditations

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