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First we listen, then we collect.

Like snowflakes, no two clients are alike.  From personality to process to industry, all of our clients are fundamentally unique.  At TSA, we embrace these distinctions, identify specific needs and create comprehensive collections programs that allow us to be both efficient and successful in our efforts.

Once a program is established, every account is assigned to a group of TSA collection specialists each working at various touch points to ensure payment.  There are numerous collection services commonly administered on behalf of our clients every day.  And as with all TSA services, they are adaptable to best meet the needs of our clients.

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TSA Services


These accounts are strategically handled by TSA’s trained telephone collection specialists.  A series of call campaigns and notices are placed to the consumer stressing the importance of paying their debt.


Early Out is designed to handle non-delinquent accounts in the earliest stages of collections.  A TSA professional acts as representative of our client and sets up payment arrangements based on pre-established client guidelines.


Inbound and outbound call center services include appointment setting, inbound customer service, insurance follow up programs and more. 

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TSA's attention to detail and commitment to our business is outstanding.  Their staff is intelligent, knowledgeable and quick to pick up on new procedures.

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