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The TSA Advantage

So what makes TSA the best choice for collection and call center services?

TSA offers a complete range of call center, pre-collection, collection and legal services.  But truthfully, so do other agencies.  However, there are several reasons for our well-earned reputation of professionalism, integrity and results that others simply can’t match.

It starts with our level of customer service and is carried through by using advanced industry technologies.  But perhaps more than anything else, it’s about our people — the good men and women who dedicate their time and bring a sense of true professionalism to the collections industry.

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In our industry, it’s critical to develop trusting relationships with our clients. Our certified collection and call center specialists work hard to perform on their behalf.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard and introduce various measures of accountability along the way to prove our worth.


Plenty of collection and call center service companies talk about “state-of-the-art” technology, but few actually have the resources and expertise to back it up. 

At TSA, we work collaboratively with leading software companies to stay ahead of the curve and introduce innovation to the industry.


Our success is a direct result of the talented team members responsible for the day-to-day activities associated with our collection services.  Their sincerity, dedication and professionalism allow us to establish trusting client relationships and deliver results.

Customer Service

Developing trusting relationships with our clients is critical.  We start by listening.  And we always have their best interests in mind when we develop their custom program.


Because we work with sensitive information, often pertaining to regulated industries (medical, legal, financial, etc.), it is mandatory for all TSA employees to undergo extensive collections training and maintain individual certifications through ACA, while also attaining FDCPA and HIPAA certifications.

TSA Leadership:

“It’s no secret that the longer a debt goes unpaid, the greater the risk of total loss. Our goal is always to minimize that risk and reduce the total loss.”
—Rhonda Helgeson, President


“Collections isn’t a dirty word.  Most every company with account receivables faces challenges in controlling bad debt.  So don’t worry, we can help.”
—Larry Geier,CFO


“Our attention to detail is critical for TSA clients.  They rely on us to know the ins and outs of every account.  And it’s a welcome responsibility.”
—Patty Thompson, Legal Services Manager


“We commit to delivering a high level of service for every client — every time.  TSA employees are FDCPA certified, trained in advanced collection techniques and have access to superior technology.”
—Al Krupicka, Operations Manager

Customer Service


At TSA, we work collaboratively with leading software companies to stay ahead of the curve and introduce innovation to the collections industry.  Here are just a few examples of TSA technologies at work:

  • Flexible, Integratabtle Systems
    TSA's flexible technology platforms allows customers to leverage the TSA platform,  have TSA representatives use the client's platform or a hybrid of both!  

  • ClientConnect
    Consumers now have the option to review their account status, check their payment history and make payments online.  It’s the collections process made simple.TSA clients have access to their information as housed on our database allowing them unlimited opportunities to review a consumer’s account and print a variety of customized reports.  Client Web Link also allows immediate web messaging with our customer service team.

  • Collaboration Center
    TSA and our clients can mutually share and exchange sensitive information and files using our unique secure file transfer system.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    TSA technicians work with a variety of receivables management software programs.  Resulting VPN connections allow TSA collection specialists to connect directly with a client’s database from our offices to make updates.  As a result, clients can view any changes we make as they happen.

  • Multiple Payment Options
    For ease and efficiency, TSA is equipped with technology allowing us to take payment via credit card, debit card and check over the phone, online and through notice remittance forms.   We pursue all available avenues to expedite the payment process.

  • Imaging
    All paperwork entering our office is imaged and entered into our database.  This means we can access the various external pieces of information (billing statements, account histories, special notes, etc.) pertinent to any account in just a matter of seconds.

  • Predictive and Automated Dialing
    TSA is a pioneer in introducing advanced technology to increase call volume and capabilities.

  • Skip Tracing
    TSA Skip-tracers have access to the latest resources for locating individuals and their assets.

  • Credit Reporting
    With constant communication to the three major Credit Bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union), TSA is able to update credit files to display any past due balances and judgments.  TSA also receives updated employment information from our partnering credit reporting agency through our Watch program.

  • Secure Data Environments
    TSA maintains its own network of servers, updated with the latest software and backed-up nightly.  Should disaster strike, TSA is prepared with a detailed disaster and recovery plan and will work appropriately to restore business operations.



TSA is proud of its employees.  Many have been with TSA since it was established in 1990.  That speaks to the company's culture of respect for its clients and employees.  

Each and every employee is put in a position to succeed and provided access to the advanced technologies and proper training required to excel at their work.  

All employees follow a 90 day training program.  After demonstrating an aptitude for either call center support or collections they are assigned to the role that best fits their skill. 

In addition to behavior and communication techniques that all employees must learn, collection employees must clearly understand regulatory compliance, including the FDCPA, HIPAA, TCPA, and patient privacy laws.  All collection trainees are required to pass an ACA collector training exam before being assigned to the collection floor. 

Read What Our Employees Have To Say:

"I joined TSA shortly before graduating from college in an entry level IT position. During my 5 years here, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow professionally in many aspects and have been promoted several times. The environment at TSA is one that encourages new ideas, collaboration, and the use of new technologies whenever possible. My co-workers make my job more enjoyable – it’s a great place to work!"    
- 5 year Employee


"One of the best things about working at TSA are the co-workers. From day one new employees will find their co-workers friendly and willing to help. Managers understand the roles of those that they manage and will do whatever they can to ensure new employees succeed. The office environment is relaxed and casual and people enjoy the time they spend at work."

- 3 year Employee

"As one of the first members of the Early Out Department, I have seen firsthand the role we take on behalf of our clients providing calling options for their consumers. On-going training is constant.   With the variety of hours we offer our clients, we have full and part-time employees.  TSA has always been willing to work with everyone’s schedule which is appreciated.  Employees are encouraged to share their ideas and comments with management.  Casual dress is great!  TSA sponsored contests and lunches for various occasions will never leave you hungry!"

- 10 year Employee

"Since I started in 1990, I have been surrounded by friendly and talented people. I have been provided many opportunities for personal and professional development in the thirty years’ time and have been promoted to Operations Manager.  Tri-State Adjustments helps you succeed by encouraging growth through internal and external training opportunities and certifications and they reward your hard work.   I have truly enjoyed every moment and experience I’ve had with Tri-State Adjustments."

- 30 year Employee

Happy Man

"We have been using TSA as our early-out patient billing provider for almost 10 years.  They are very easy to work with and have provided exceptional customer service."


Memberships & Accreditations

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