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Servicing our customers is always our number one priority! 

Whether you're new to TSA or have been a long-time parter, we will do our best to provide you with the information you need to successfully manage your account.  

Because our industry is always changing and growing we will provide pertinent information and compliance updates as they become available. 

CFPB Regulation F Changes

Effective November 30, 2021

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REG F Validation Notice Sample_edited.jpg

Sample Validation Letter 

All Listings Must Include Information in Red Box 


One of the important changes required is the information needed at time of listing.

New listings will need to be accompanied by an itemized statement. This information is used to create a “Validation Notice,” which TSA is required to send to every consumer.

All listings must include the information shown in this box so that the debt can be itemized appropriately for the consumer, including original balance owed, any payments or adjustments received or made, and current balance due. Important: you must provide the information needed for the box shown outlined in red. 


If you are currently including interest fees, NSF fees, finance charges, late fees, or other additional fees we may not be able to collect those fees.   The documentation your consumers sign acknowledging potential fees will be need to be reviewed and validated with corresponding state regulations regarding those types of charges before we can collect any fees other than the outstanding principle balance.


To ensure new listings comply with Regulation F TSA is going to temporarily suspend the “New Accounts” functionality on our client portal.


Beginning November 1st, we ask that you submit new listings and all supporting documentation to TSA. We will enter the listing for you and contact you if there is any additional information needed.


We expect this to be a short-term process change - we need to review listings prior to entry to ensure Regulation F compliance.


You will have several options to submit new listings:

1.    Email to (For non-medical clients)

2.    Fax to 608-787-8700

3.    Place them on the Collaboration Center (verify you have this functionality, if not we can add it quickly)

We appreciate your patience as we navigate through these changes. We will do whatever we can to to keep you up to date and minimize the impact on you.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or

need anything from us.

Jeanna Larson

800-562-3906 ext. 4

CFPB Regulation F Changes Training Series

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has made changes to Regulation F, The Debt Collection Rule, that affects how collections agencies and their clients do business.  

TSA has partnered with the experts at Bassford and Remele to bring you a video training series that provides explanation and instructions on the changes to Regulation F.

To be compliant, a representative from your business must watch and understand all the training videos and make necessary changes before November 30, 2021.


TSA is on hand to answer any questions. 

Please contact Jeanna Larson at 800-562-3906 x. 4


You can also access this training video series on our YouTube Channel.

Session 1: Call Frequency and Communication Caps

Session 2: Itemization Date

Session 3: Information Needed in the Validation Notice

Session 4: Texting and Email Consent and Revocation 

Session 5: Time-Barred Debt Collection

Session 6: Credit Reporting/Debt Parking

Session 7:  Limited Content Message

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to use ClientConnect?

A: Nothing!  We offer this functionality to our clients as a value-added service and do not charge for its use.

Q: Can my company have more than one ClientConnect user?

A: Yes. We can set up accounts for individual users or we can set the account up as a shared account. We will need the name, email, and phone number for every individual that needs an account.

Q: How do I disable or add ClientConnect access for employees?

A: If you need to have an employee’s access disabled, call our client services team at 800-562-3906, or send us an email at If you would like to add an employee to ClientConnect you can email or call us as well – we will email you the form to authorize the new user.  When the form is returned, we will set that employee’s account up.

Q: How often do I have to change my password?

A: For security purposes, you will be prompted to change your password every 60 days. We encourage you to complete this task whenever you receive the prompt – not doing so may temporarily disable your access to ClientConnect.

Q: What if I don’t collect all of the information the New Accounts tab is asking for? Can TSA still work the account?

A: We understand our clients may not have access to all the information requested. Please include as much information as you can. Keep in mind, while we can still attempt to collect a debt that does not have a Social Security number or Date of Birth, we are unable to report those accounts to the credit bureaus.

Q: Do I have to attach a statement or invoice to every listing?

A: We strongly recommend statements or invoices be submitted with the listing. At this time it is not a requirement but industry regulations are scheduled to change in January 2022, when an itemized statement will need to be sent with every notice sent out.

Q: There doesn’t seem to be many reports available for download. Are other reports available?

A: TSA has the ability to provide many different types of reports, including Account Summary reports, Progress Reports, Statements, and more. If you have the need for a customized report we can usually provide that as well – if we capture the information from you we can report the information back to you.

Tips for Using the Client Collect Portal 

  1. TSA has two options for using the ClientConnect portal – Collection Services and Early Out Services. Early Out is also known as Extended Business Office. If you use TSA for the collection of traditional bad debt collections, you will log on under Collection Services.

  2. When you log into ClientConnect you will be asked for your user name and password. Keep that information in a secure location so you can reference it when you need it.

  3. For security purposes you will be asked to reset your password every 60 days. Please reset your password when prompted to do so – otherwise you may end up locked out of the account.

  4. Whenever possible, please attach an itemized statement or invoice to the account you have listed. Industry regulations are changing and effective January 2022 all validation notices must be accompanied by the itemized statement.

  5. Forward any bankruptcy notices to TSA as soon as possible.

  6. Although ClientConnect is available for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, TSA staff is available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Please keep this in mind when submitting questions to TSA staff.

  7. You may not collect all the information being requested on the New Account tab. Most of the time we can still attempt to collect on the debt. However, without a Social Security number or a Date of Birth we cannot report the debt to the credit agencies.

  8. Every state has a Statute of Limitations.  When an account reaches Statute of Limitations it must legally be written off. No other attempts to collect that debt can be made. The Statute of Limitations date is determined by the Delinquent Date entered at the time of listing so please be sure this information is correct. If the consumer was on a payment plan, then the Delinquent date is also known as the last payment date.

  9. Reports for the previous month are uploaded to ClientConnect on the first business day of a new month.

  10. When using the Collaboration Center, you will be notified via email if new files are uploaded by TSA.  Please remember that if the file is a questions file, we must receive an answer to the question(s) before we can continue debt collection attempts for that account.

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